Dairy Queen Hours 2015

Dairy Queen is a well-liked name making various treats products especially from the soft ice cream which can be relished by all. You'll generally find a franchise of the identical in the shopping Malls, fuel centers, busy market areas, business building and also in other places where huge footprints fall everyday. The business has spread its business in 5900 locations in U.S. and is particularly serving in 22 other foreign countries. What Time Does Dairy Queen Open

Background Of Dairy Queen Franchise

The founding father of Dairy Queen Mr. J.F. McCullough started his business around 1940. He believed that in the event the ice creams will taste best of all if it is soft instead of frozen solid. He invented a fresh recipe of making soft soft ice cream and began selling the product or service with his son Alex. To sell this new treat item both they attempted to convinced one of the clientele for an introductory sale. Surprisingly, once the sale started the amount of customers stood as much as 1600 and everyone loved the delicious treat. Inspired with that amazing success, McCullough opened his first store in Joliet on 22nd June 1940. Initially it sold two or three types soft ice cream such as cones, quarts and take-home pints and gradually it started selling a variety of products like banana splits, Dilly bars and much more. As the business expanded Dairy Queen entered franchising which began from 1944. Today the business is also selling various fastfood items like hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken strips, DQ Orange Julius etc.

Excellent Franchise Offers

The Dairy Queen offers three various kinds of franchise of its products. One of them the DQ grill & Chill will be the largest one which is actually a fast serve restaurant using the facility of comfortable indoor seating arrangements. It provides items like soft-serve, drinks and also other fast foods. The Limited Brazier is smaller than the former one and sells only soft ice creams and several fast foods products. For DQ treat Center stores the franchisee should sign a legal contract with the DQ Orange Julius and it is allowed to sell merely the soft treat and Orange Julius items.

Cost And charges For Buying The Franchise

The complete investment cost for starting a DQ franchise may vary from $372,802 to $1,771,860. The ongoing royalty fee is 4 to 5% and that the franchise fee ranges between $25,000 and $35,000. The corporation has a variable term of agreement which is often renewed from time to time. The quantity of net worth and the cash liquidity desire for the franchise should be $750,000 and $400,000 respectively. Financial assistance on startup and equipment costs is given by the company in the event of third party franchise type. However, no assistance is offered for inventory, or payroll cost or for the cost of accounts receivable.

Exclusive Training and Support

The company is offering four major training programs they are Management Training Readiness Assessment (MTRA), SERVESAFE Certification, American DQ Corporation's Training course and Cake Decorating Certification Course. It also offers exclusive ongoing support on evaluating the sector operations, toll free phone lines, great openings, frequent meetings etc. Beside this, marketing support on national media, co operative ads and support for promoting local programs will also help the franchisee to run the organization successfully. What Time Does Dairy Queen Close